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Happy World Sleep Day- March 19, 2021

The World Sleep Society recommends the following 10 steps to achieve healthy sleep:

  1. Fix a regular bedtime and an awakening time.

  2. If you are in the habit of taking a nap, do not exceed 45 minutes of daytime sleep.

  3. Avoid excessive alcohol ingestion 4 hours before bedtime and do not smoke.

  4. Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bedtime. This includes coffee, tea, and many sodas, as well as chocolate. Avoid heavy, spicy, or sugary foods 4 hours before bedtime. A light snack before bed is acceptable.

  5. Exercise regularly, but not right before bed.

  6. Use comfortable bedding.

  7. Find a comfortable, often cooler temperature during sleep.

  8. Eliminate as much blue light as possible within 1 hour before bedtime.

  9. Block out all distracting noise and remove pets from the bedroom.

  10. Reserve the bed for sleep and sex. Don’t use the bed as an office or for recreation. (Courtesy of Dr. Lourdes DelRosso, co-chair of the World Sleep Day 2021 Committee)

At Somnics Health, we are committed to offering a patient-preferred OSA therapy for severe, moderate and mild OSA. Using Intermittent Negative Airway Pressure, iNAP® Sleep Therapy, our FDA-cleared treatment, keeps the airway open at night by stabilizing the tongue and bringing the soft tissues forward.

  • Comfortable and flexible oral interface

  • Battery powered, up to 6 nights on a single charge

  • Discreet and portable

  • Compact- the size of a smart phone

  • May be covered under FSA/HSA Benefits

Why iNAP?

We work hard to ensure that you are set up for success with your new sleep therapy. Our Customer Success team is made of of experienced professionals, some with over 20 years in the sleep field and are committed to making sure that you have what you need in order to sleep well with iNAP. Our goal is to change how sleep care is provided, making it a patient preferred experience that begins even before you place an order. #sleepwell

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    im getting a cpap this week…, if that doesn’t work then my doctor will request a inap from your company

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