FAQs and Tips

14. How do I achieve Negative Air Pressure?

      When your oral interface is in the right position and the console is turned on, it takes about 10-15 seconds to reach negative pressure in your oral cavity. This sensation pulls the tongue toward the upper palate and the soft palate forward. Here are some tips you can use to reach effective negative pressure. With the oral interface in place:

  • As if using a straw, draw in the stamen, the part of the interface that extends farthest in your mouth to initiate the vacuum.

  • Bring your tongue to the upper palate and forwarded position, behind your top front teeth.

15. How to improve the seal?
  • Check if there are any poor connections between the tubing, the console, or container for leakage

  • Mouth-breathing may be caused by nasal congestion. Use a decongestant as needed.

  • You may need a different oral interface size in order to provide a tighter seal. Speak to your doctor.

  • Use a chin strap to prevent your mouth from falling open.

16. How to prevent the oral interface from falling out?
  • Bring the tubing to either side of your shoulders and measure the maximum length that you turn during sleep, bringing the console closer to you

  • Affix the tubing with a clip to the bedding or pajamas to eliminate drag that could cause the oral interface to shift in the mouth.

  • Use a chin strap at the beginning of iNAP treatment if needed

  • You may need a different oral interface size. Speak to your doctor.

17. I have difficulty sleeping with a foreign object in my mouth.  What can I do?
  • Like anything new to your nighttime routine, it’s recommended that you acclimate while using iNAP before bedtime. Practice breathing through your nose with the device for an hour before sleep or while watching television, reading, or performing other activities. This can help you become more familiar and comfortable with a new treatment.

  • If you still have difficulty acclimating, speak to your doctor about alternative solutions.

18. How do I clean the iNAP and accessories?
  • After every use, rinse and gently rub the oral interface with cold water until there's no slippery feeling.

  • Let cold water flow through the tubing set until you don't see any saliva bubbles, but only clear water.

  • We recommend using a dental appliance cleaning tablet, like Retainer Brite® to clean the oral interface weekly.

19. I am not noticing any improvement in my sleep quality or snoring. What can I do?
  • Speak to your doctor.  It may take longer to acclimate to the oral interface or negative pressure.

  • Some patients need stronger negative pressure to stabilize the soft tissue. Check with your doctor and also know that poor sleep quality may have multiple causes not due to the collapse of the airway.

20. How do I know how well the treatment is working?
  • You are encouraged to download on your mobile phone our iNAP Lab+ App and pair it with your iNAP One ® device. The mobile app, iNAP Lab+ collects your information from the iNAP console to help you evaluate your usage and treatment data after using iNAP. The iNAP console provides the treatment hour and sealing time.

  • Using wearable devices (like FitBit) provides oxygen desaturation, heart rate, and sleep stages and can be worn while using iNAP to provide you with more information about your sleep.

21. The mobile phone app doesn't pair with the iNAP device.

Here are a few steps you can try to solve the problem:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the App (it changes from time to time, just set your phone that it always gets the latest version automatically).

  • Turn off and then on again your phone. Make sure bluetooth is on.

  • Reset iNAP by first turning it off. Push the button for about 15 sec as iNAP goes into a full on and off cycle. Release button when the lights are off.

  • Make sure that the iNAP device is "on" with the blue light flashing when trying to pair with your phone

  • on the iNAP Lab+ app, when adding the device first try "Scan QR code"  and point your phone camera to the QR code on the bottom part of iNAP (the console). If it doesn't pair, try by clicking on "Search for Device".

22. What are the components of iNAP One?

      The iNAP One is comprised of the console, saliva container, oral interface, tubing, and drypads.


Saliva Container

Oral Interface



Oral Interface