The Preferred New Alternative Treatment for

Obstructive Sleep Apnea


  • No Mask

  • ​​Superior Comfort

  • Nasal Breathing

  • Clinically Proven

New! $69 Reduced rate for Telemedicine consultation


6" length

8 oz weight

What is iNAP?

iNAP is a new oral negative pressure device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in adults.

The system uses a soft, flexible mouthpiece, thin tubing, and a quiet battery-powered console the size of a smartphone to deliver a light, oral vacuum during sleep to comfortably keep the airway open while breathing normally through the nose.


Natural Breathing




Very quiet


No Mask

Portable & Travel-Friendly 


Excellent Wearing Comfort 


Patients Outcomes*


Clinical Success Rate


Patient-reported Significant Improvement


Average Reduction in Sleep Apnea Events


High Compliance (Avg. 6 Hours/Night)

*Reference : iNAP One Pivotal Study

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Are You a Candidate for iNAP?

Who's a Candidate?

To determine if iNAP is right for you, it is important to be evaluated by a board-certified sleep physician.  We offer timely telehealth appointments with several physicians who are based in California.  If you have your own sleep doctor, that's fine, as your doctor may be able to determine if you are a good candidate for iNAP.  A prescription is required in order to try iNAP.

Who is Not a Candidate?

Most adults are candidates, and the exclusion criteria are minimal except for a small number of patients who don’t have a full set of teeth or are unable to breathe through their nose during sleep. Only your doctor knows if you would be a suitable candidate.  Therefore, we require patients to speak with a sleep physician first, and once the doctor determines if iNAP is right for you, they will send us a prescription.


Why Join the iNAP Club?

At Somnics Health, we are focused on simplifying the patients' journey to OSA treatment. It is why we created the iNAP Club- designed by OSA patients for OSA patients, bringing a hassle-free, transparent, and personalized experience. The iNAP Sleep Therapy System is available by prescription, for either purchase, or monthly subscription in the iNAP Club.

Here are some of many the benefits of becoming a member of the iNAP Club:

  • Receive your iNAP Sleep Therapy within a few days after signing up

  • Membership includes quarterly shipments of replacement oral interface, tubing and dry pads.  Shipping is included

  •  Personal onboarding with our experienced iNAP customer care team

  • Easily manage your OSA therapy with the iNAP Lab+ app ( Android or iTunes)

  • Benefit from new offers and discounts

  • Receive 24/7 online support 

Do you want to join the hundreds of

patients who are already members ?

  • A prescription for iNAP is required from a licensed US physician

  • Membership fees are $84 per month for 24 months, then $29 per month beginning in the 25th month

  • For those choosing Purchase, the cost is $999

  • Complete the online order on our store, and provide payment information and digitally sign disclosure forms

  • With the membership option, patients may cancel at any time. There are no refunds.

  • Once membership is cancelled and the iNAP device is returned to us, there are no more strings attached.

  • With the purchase option, patients have 30 days from the order date to determine whether they want to keep iNAP or return it. Once the device is received by us, Somnics Health will refund $899.

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