Our Story

Like many patients who are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, it took our founder/CEO more than 25 years from being diagnosed to finding a therapy that worked for him every night. After years of failed attempts at CPAP, oral appliances, and positional aids, he struggled with daytime fatigue. He decided to take matters into his own hands and build a new therapy alternative. After receiving his Ph.D. and attending a fellowship program through Stanford’s Bioengineering program, he developed a treatment using negative pressure that treated the problem differently and without a mask.  He felt that if he could wear it each night, then others would be able to as well.  Since then, the company has been improving the comfort and efficacy of the therapy, and since 2011, iNAP has been prescribed in countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia.  iNAP is now available under a limited launch right here in California.

If you’ve been frustrated with sleep therapies that seem to work for a period of time and then no longer are effective or are uncomfortable, or if you’ve tried other therapies and decided that the cost was out of your price range, we understand and believe you will want to try iNAP.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to satisfy the unmet needs of patients and physicians. Targeting deficiencies of other OSA therapies, we provide patient-centered and user-friendly solutions for comfort and restful sleep.

Our vision is to provide patients with a simple, comfortable and discreet ways to treat OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and allow more patients with OSA to breathe naturally wherever they may sleep.


Ms. H- Age 51

“My sleep study showed an AHI of 42.3. I had daytime fatigue and could not concentrate and my memory suffered. In the first week after using iNAP, my AHI dropped to 1.3 and my oxygen level increased from 86% to 93%. I noticed that my memory improved and I didn’t have that foggy feeling anymore. I could concentrate on my study effectively and finally passed the exam and become a government officer.”

Mr.P- Age 81

“I disliked using CPAP as the mask was uncomfortable and the machine’s noise disturbed both me and my wife. Now I am using iNAP and this therapy is discreet and quiet. I feel more energized and we are both delighted that I no longer have to wear a mask.”

Mr.L- Age 71

“As a severe sleep apnea patient with an AHI of 72, I used CPAP for many years. After treatment with iNAP, my AHI dropped to 0.5 and my oxygen saturation improved from 88% to 91%. I prefer the portability and battery features of iNAP.”

Ms. S- Age 36

“Prior to my diagnosis and treatment, I suffered from daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue even though I slept more than 8 hours. Once I fell asleep on my drive to work and almost caused an accident. That was my wake-up call. After receiving treatment with iNAP, my AHI dropped from 43.2 / hr. to only 1.5 events”

Mr. T- Age 39

“For ten years, I wore a dental appliance to treat mild sleep apnea but, over time, I developed discomfort in my jaw joint. Fortunately, a friend told me about the iNAP Sleep Therapy System. I wore iNAP and noticed an improvement in my sleep quality, and was as good as the dental appliance but easier to maintain.”

Ms. A. – Age 42

“I wasn’t able to tolerate CPAP and had considered surgery, but I was too afraid to go through with the surgery. My doctor suggested iNAP, which I now use nightly. I’m glad that I avoided the surgery and the painful recovery. And, the price of this treatment was within my budget.”

The information and case study on web are for reference only, the treatment of the specific case is different, is not guaranteed to be effective absolutely, and different people may have different treatment efficacy. The diagnosis and treatment of diseases should meet with doctors and medical professionals face-to-face.