Introducing iBreath®, a training device to help mouth breathers be successful with iNAP®

iBreath® is a comfortable device reusing the same design as iNAP’s Oral Interface, with same material. 

iBreath is designed to prevent mouth breathing and strengthen the tongue muscles.

Regular use of iBreath will assist in developing the correct and natural nasal breathing and correct natural position of the tongue, offering the following benefits:

  1. Breathe in Clean Air.
  2. Maintain Optimal Oral Hydration.
  3. Enjoy Better Sleep with Easy Breathing.
  4. Safeguard Your Smile.
  5. Enhance Your Facial Appearance.

As part of the toolbox of companions devices to iNAP Sleep Therapy System, iBreath  is available over the counter and helps patients who are mouth breathers become more successful with iNAP.

iBreath and all the other tools are available for purchase on our online store.

Are you a mouth breather?

MoIf you find that your mouth tends to open slightly and your tongue doesn’t touch the roof of your mouth while your face is at ease, it may be an indication of mouth breathing.


Adverse Impacts of Mouth Breathing

1 Impaired Air Filtration

In the absence of nasal mucosa filtration, airborne dirt and impurities can easily enter and be absorbed into the respiratory tract. 

2 Dry Mouth

Mouth breathing can cause dryness in the mouth and throat, resulting in inadequate saliva production. This can potentially harm the oral mucosa and lead to an increase in oral inflammation.

3 Sleep Apnea Risk

Breathing through your mouth at night can potentially result in airway obstruction and an increased risk of sleep apnea

4 Tooth Decay

Mouth breathing can lead to a reduction in saliva production, causing acidic erosion of teeth and increasing the risk of tooth decay and tooth-borne infections.

mouth breathers profile

5 Facial Appearance

Long-term mouth breathing can have a negative impact on the facial aesthetics, particularly the side profile.

In the short video below, Dr Vik Veer, and ENT Surgeon in the UK, explains some tongue training exercises for snoring and Sleep Apnea. Using iBreath will create the equivalent effect of some of these exercises.