How to Get iNAP in
3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Doctor or Patient faxes Prescription to iNAP Sleep 833-847-2009

You may ask your own doctor to send us a prescription, or you can schedule a telemedicine appointment with one of our board-certified sleep physicians who will discuss your situation and determine if you are a good candidate for iNAP. If so, they will fax the prescription to us

Step 2. Patient is notified that Prescription has been received at iNAP Sleep

Our team will contact the patient, answer any questions, and assist with completing the order and disclosure forms online.

Step 3. Patient places order on the iNAP online store

Select either Ownership or Membership option. The user is then directed to sign disclosure forms digitally on HelloSign.
Patients who chose Membership may switch to Ownership at the end of the third month.