Haramandeep Singh, MD

iSleep Physicians Group
Licensed in all states except RI, SC, IN.
15 min video appointment at $69


Sleep Specialty Clinic
Licensed in OR, WA and CO.
30 min video appointment

Jason Bruce Karp, MD

Northwell Health Physician Partners
Licensed in NY.
30 min video appointment

Joshua Lennon, MD

Neurology Clinic Sleep Center
Licensed in TN. https://www.wellrestedmd.com

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Initial Assessment

Our specialist will assess your symptoms and recent sleep tests (or order you a new home sleep test).

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Review Sleep Study

The sleep physician will review your study results, and if medically indicated, they will coordinate iNAP Therapy.

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Once we receive your prescription, we could offer you iNAP Sleep Therapy from our online shop.

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