What is iNAP?​

iNAP is a new oral negative pressure device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in adults.

The system uses a soft, flexible mouthpiece, thin tubing, and a quiet battery-powered console the size of a smartphone to deliver a light, oral vacuum during sleep to comfortably keep the airway open while breathing normally through the nose.

How does iNAP work?

I am a mouth breather, will iNAP work for me?

Most patients who claim they are mouth breathers can achieve nasal breathing within a few weeks. iNAP comes with a free nasal expander to help open the upper airways, it will help with keeping the mouth close with the negative pressure in the oral cavity, it triggers reflex of closing the mouth around the oral interface, and we encourage training one hour every day while being awake to teach the brain to keep the mouth closed, and using nasal decongestant at night. Even for just a couple of hours of usage during the first night, stick to it, the treatment will quickly improve.

Users’ Testimonials

“My sleep study showed an AHI of 42.3. I had daytime fatigue and could not concentrate and my memory suffered. In the first week after using iNAP, my AHI dropped to 1.3 and my oxygen level increased from 86% to 93%. I noticed that my memory improved and I didn’t have that foggy feeling anymore. I could concentrate on my study effectively and finally passed the exam and become a government officer.”
Ms. H
Age 51
“Prior to my diagnosis and treatment, I suffered from daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue even though I slept more than 8 hours. Once I fell asleep on my drive to work and almost caused an accident. That was my wake-up call. After receiving treatment with iNAP, my AHI dropped from 43.2 / hr. to only 1.5 events”
Ms. S
Age 36
“For ten years, I wore a dental appliance to treat mild sleep apnea but, over time, I developed discomfort in my jaw joint. Fortunately, a friend told me about the iNAP Sleep Therapy System. I wore iNAP and noticed an improvement in my sleep quality, and was as good as the dental appliance but easier to maintain.”
Mr. T
Age 39

Breathe easy with INAP

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Are You a Candidate for iNAP?

Who's a Candidate?

Your own sleep doctor may be able to determine if you are a good candidate for iNAP.  It’s important to mention to your doctor any issues related to your mouth, nose, or airway that concern you.  If you’re looking for a sleep specialist, we can help you find a board certified sleep physician here.

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