iNAP, The new Patient-Preferred Sleep Apnea Treatment

iNAP is a new oral negative pressure device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in adults.


“My sleep study showed an AHI of 42.3. I had daytime fatigue and could not concentrate and my memory suffered. In the first week after using iNAP, my AHI dropped to 1.3 and my oxygen level increased from 86% to 93%. I noticed that my memory improved and I didn’t have that foggy feeling anymore. I could concentrate on my study effectively and finally passed the exam and become a government officer.”
Ms. H
Age 51
“Prior to my diagnosis and treatment, I suffered from daytime sleepiness and chronic fatigue even though I slept more than 8 hours. Once I fell asleep on my drive to work and almost caused an accident. That was my wake-up call. After receiving treatment with iNAP, my AHI dropped from 43.2 / hr. to only 1.5 events”
Ms. S
Age 36
“For ten years, I wore a dental appliance to treat mild sleep apnea but, over time, I developed discomfort in my jaw joint. Fortunately, a friend told me about the iNAP Sleep Therapy System. I wore iNAP and noticed an improvement in my sleep quality, and was as good as the dental appliance but easier to maintain.”
Mr. T
Age 39