01. How to wear Oral Interface correctly?


Step 1: Holding the oral interface, gently squeeze the lip shield and place in mouth

Step 2: Position tube toward upper palate

Step 3: Place silicone shields between front teeth and lips

Step 4: Adjust lip shields for comfort

Step 5: Swallow

Swallow a few times to create suction and establish a sealed oral cavity.


02. How to START the device?

2-4 ejection.jpg

Step 1: Press ejection button on both sides to disconnect the console and container.

2-5 put dry pad.jpg

Step 2: Open container and place a new dry pad on the container cover extension

2-6 close.jpg

Step 3: Reattach container cover to console, making sure you hear it "click" into place

2-1 Oral Interface.jpg
2-2 Connect.jpg

Step 4: Connect the oral interface with the white tubing connector.

to start -1.png

Step 5: Press the power button and hold  2 seconds to turn on the device

As the device activates, you will see three lights flash for a few seconds- Green=on, Blue=attaining vacuum, Orange=container full


03. How to reach Negative Air Pressure?

When your oral interface is positioned correctly, it takes approximately 10-15 seconds to reach negative pressure in your oral cavity, moving the tongue toward the upper palate and bringing the soft palate forward.

Tips for reaching Negative Pressure:

  1. With oral interface in position, swallow

  2. Suck the tube (as if you're using a straw)

  3. Place your tongue to the upper palate and forward position


To improve Sealing:

Sucking the tube will help maintain the seal longer during the night.

In the first month, the sealing percentage average is 60% - 70%. While continuing to acclimate during months 2-3, this percentage is likely to improve to 80%-90%.


Note: individuals may experience different results based on their OSA severity and anatomy.


04. iNAP Daily Maintenance

Step 1: Mouthpiece

Rinse and gently rub the oral interface with your fingers in cold water until it no longer feels slippery

Step 2: Container

Remove the dry pad, throw away and rinse both the container and its cover in cold water

​Step 3: Water through the tubing

Let cold water flow through the tubing for about 30 seconds until you don't see any saliva bubbles and the water is clear.


1. Place the tubing HIGH & LOW: 
Under the faucet, hold one end of the tubing higher than the other end, letting the water run through the low end until no more saliva bubbles can be seen.

2. Swing the tubing:
Once clean, take one end of the tubing and swing it around to spin out the water inside the tube; grab another end and do the same.  

3. Set down to dry:

Lay the mouthpiece, tubing, and container on a flat surface away from direct sunlight


05. Weekly Cleaning

  1. Connect the oral interface, tubing, container, and the iNAP console.

  2. Prepare a cup with 8 oz of lukewarm water.
    note: DO NOT use hot water higher than 40 °C/ 104 °F. Please refer to the cleaning tablet instructions for the amount of water.

  3. Place the oral interface inside the cup.

  4. Drop a Potassium-peroxymonosulfate-based cleaning tablet into water and ensure the cleaning tablet begins to dissolve.

  5. Set timer for 15 minutes to disinfect the oral interface.
    note: DO NOT soak your oral interface, tubing, and saliva container in the cleaning solution overnight. Prolonged immersion might cause damage to the filter.

  6. Turn on iNAP console. At this time, the battery power light will be solid green, and the vacuum status light will be flash blue. The negative pressure will draw the cleaning solution into tubing and saliva container.

  7. When the container is full, the clean saliva container light will be solid orange, and the vacuum status light will become dim. Turn off the iNAP console, wait 15 minutes to disinfect the saliva container and tubing.

  8. Remove all the cleaning solution and clean the oral interface, tubing, and container with running water.

  9. Dry off the oral interface, tubing, and container.
    note: If you feel the smell of the cleaning tablets in the oral interface, soak the oral interface in warm water for 10 minutes before using.


06. Mobile App

  • Download the iNAP Lab+ app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

  • You will be able to see your total treatment time and sealing percentage by Day/Week/Month.

  • Sealing percentage is an index of vacuum status. For example, 70% sealing means you have 70% of your total treatment under vacuum, and 30% of the time, the pump was working on moving your tongue forward in order to create vacuum status.

  • Download user manual.