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Are You About to Give Up on Your Sleep Therapy?

Are you delighted with your current sleep therapy? Or, have you given up and stopped treatment?

If so, you are not alone.

Approximately 34% of prescribed CPAP patients stop using therapy after two years.1

In another study published by the Journal of Dental Sleep Medicine, 23% were not adherent, with a small number returning to CPAP, while most non-adherent patients used no treatment at all.2

This is why we created iNAP

Simple | Comfortable | Easy to Use | Effective | No Mask

Physicians seek more options to offer their patients, and patients want to know about the options available to them. Some patients are interested only in devices that are fully covered by their health insurance, whereas others are open to all therapies, covered by insurance or not. We believe that iNAP offers a patient-preferred solution to treat OSA and may be covered by employer reimbursement programs like FSA and HSA.

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